Using the MaplePrimes Text Editor

MaplePrimes uses a WYSIWYG text editor for all user input. This editor provides common editing functions (e.g., format text and layout), as well as more advanced features for adding mathematics notation, plots, links to Maple help, images, and even the content from a Maple worksheet.

To add or edit a link to a web page, highlight the linked text and click the Insert/Edit Link icon. In the dialogue box that appears, paste or type the address into the URL box and click OK. For advanced users, style and target features are available by clicking the appropriate tab.

To insert an image that is located on another web site (e.g.,, click the Insert/Edit Image icon and provide the URL of the image. Additional information such as description and title is optional, but helpful for some users. Advanced layout and formatting options are also available in the ‘Appearance’ and ‘Advanced’ tabs of the Insert/Edit Image dialog box.

Including Math, Plots and Help References in your Post

There are multiple ways to insert math notation, plots and Maple worksheets within your posts and questions on MaplePrimes.

To insert math notation, or to copy rich, 2-D math directly from Maple, click the Maple Math icon. In the resulting dialog box, simply enter the expression. The expression will immediately be displayed in the preview area of the dialog box. To insert the math into your message, click Insert and it will be inserted as an image in the place where your cursor is located.

To insert a Maple plot directly into your message, click the Maple Plot icon. In the resulting dialog box, enter the expression that you would like to plot in the Maple Expression box. The plot will immediately be previewed below. To insert the plot into your message, click Insert and it will be placed where your cursor is located.

The entire Maple help system is available online and can be linked to easily from your message. To include a link to a Maple help term, click the Maple Help icon. In the resulting dialog box, enter a Maple command into the ‘Search Help’ box. A list of matching help terms will appear. Click the matching term and it will be entered into your message.

Alternatively, you can enter Maple help notation directly in your message (e.g., ?plot) and MaplePrimes will automatically create a link to it after the message is submitted.

Including HTML in your message

Click this icon to edit the HTML source of any of your messages. For security and to maintain the integrity of the pages, not all HTML tags are permitted. The list of supported tags is p, br, img, code, pre, em, a, cite, blockquote, ul, ol, li, dl, dt, dd, sub, maple, b, strong, u, i, span, table, tr, td, colgroup, font.

Uploading Files, Images or Worksheets into your message

You can upload and link-to or display a variety of files within your MaplePrimes messages.

To begin, click the Upload File icon in the WYSIWYG editor. In the resulting dialog box, select one or more files that you’d like to include and click ‘Upload’ to add them. For each file that you selected, one or more options will appear for including it in your message. For example, an image or Maple worksheet can be inserted directly into the message, whereas an Excel or Word file can only be linked to as attachments. The link and/or content of the file will be inserted at the position of your cursor in the message.