Posting to MaplePrimes

Use the ‘Ask a Question’ feature to ask the MaplePrimes community a question about Maple, MapleSim, a related Maplesoft product, or a related mathematical or scientific discipline. Questions should be posted in a standard question format.

Correct format: How can I order a list in Maple?

Incorrect format: Order a list.

Members can then provide answers to your question, and rate any other answers that are there by either up-voting or down-voting them. The best answer, as determined by the community, will appear as the first entry under the question.

Members can also add comments or supplementary questions for your question using the “comment” feature.

Create a Post

Formerly referred to as MaplePrimes Blogs, use the ‘Create a Post’ feature for anything that is not a question. Maple or MapleSim tips, an interesting problem, or even the state of the weather are all fair game for posts.

Similar to questions, other members can rate a post using the voting features, or can carry on the discussion using the “comment” feature. Unlike questions, however, comments appear in the order that they are written, not by rating.