We’ve decided to start a new series of blog posts, where we take a closer look at the collections available in Maple Learn. What collection are we looking at first, you ask? Our largest, the Calculus collection! This collection has around 250 documents, and was one of the first to be added to the Maple Learn document gallery.

Because it’s so big, we can’t talk about it all in one post. Instead, we’re going to break it up into three posts: Limits (this one!), Derivatives, and Integration. Keep an eye out for those other ones!

Let’s dive into it. If you’re learning limits for the first time, the first document you’ll want to take a look at is our document on the formal definition of limits.

And of course, just as the document title says, we start with the formal definition of a limit:

From there, like many of our other documents, there’s a visualization to the left, and an explanation to the right. Seems fairly simple, right?

Well, what if you wanted to dig further into the topic?

That’s what the rest of this collection is for! We have documents on many topics relating to limits, such as The Squeeze Theorem, or The Fundamental Trig Limit (don’t forget to use the slider!). We also have a steps document, to help you solve any limits problems you’ve created or found.

We can’t wait to see you another time for when we dive into Derivative documents. Let us know if after the Calculus collection showcase, if you have another collection you’d like to see summarized!

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