Time and time again you get caught up working with Maple and before you know it your 20 minutes of alloted time has turned into almost 1 hour.

Here's a little procedure alarm message to remind you it's time to start shutting down.  Start this procedure in a seperate worksheet and enter the number of minutes before you want your Maple alarm message popping up.  Open a new worksheet and start your work.  When the time is up, your message will pop up unless your in another application then your only guage is the flashing Maple toolbar at the bottom in windows.

TimesUp := proc (m)  # Enter time in minutes for your maple session before message pop up
  uses Maplets:-Elements;
  local maplet, time1:
  maplet:=Maplet( [[ Label( "Stop working now\time to start shutting down", 'font' =FONT ("Arial", bold, 25) ) ]] ):
  while time[real]() < time1 + convert ( m, 'units', 'minutes', 'seconds') do
  end do:
end proc:



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