Not really a review but I think Maple has so much cool stuff one can do with it, that we get sidetracked from one project to the next.   Before you know it, a new release is out and you've put your project on hold to try out and play with the new features - and not really forging ahead on any projects.  One year between new releases isn't enough time to have customers really, and I mean really, dive into Maple.

Here is what a reviewer at computing world said about Maple16 "In my own professional practice, I have a heavy investment in another computer algebra product, but this is the Maple release which has made me seriously consider switching horses."

I searched high and low to see what algebra product this reviewer had, and I believe I have indeed discovered, that he is a heavily invested Mathematica user (I am very sorry for his choice of product).  He should indeed grasp the reigns of this new horse he speaks of ...(had to use that line it was perfect, and so is Maple ... almost!)


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