Dear Maple Users

I have been testing Maple 16 for some time now, and I am overall very pleased with it. There is however one issue, which is really annoying. In previous version of Maple, images inserted into Maple and plots were printed much bigger than they looked like in the Worksheet. Then me and other users have requested to have the printed output look more like it does in the Worksheet on the computerscreen. Maple has adressed those user complaints in the new version 16. I was very happy when I realized they had changed something here. I was however very disappointed when I found out how it really works now. Well, in Maple 16 the size of images and plots does indeed have a more appropriate size compared to text when printed, than was the case in Maple 15, BUT below the image or plot there will be a large empty space. You can see the effect on my uploaded image below. First a screenshot of how it looks like on my computerscreen, then a screenshot of the Print Previews in Maple 15 as well as in Maple 16. I simply don't get it?? Why this empty space between the image (or plot) and the text beneith it? I feel like it is destroying the layout in a printed document and the same of course happens to export to pdf. As a math teacher receiving homework delivered on paper or pdf this is really bad.

Besides scaling the image by dragging will have no effect on the print!! It does have on plots, though. But get rid of the big empty space below the image you can't.

I cannot believe this behavior has been the intention from Maplesofts viewpoint. It must be a bug!! What do you guys say?





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