Maple Programming Environment (MPE) is the only Eclipse™ based efficient development toolkit to rapidly build standout applications for Maple.

MPE harnesses the flexibility of Eclipse and focuses it into a powerful Maple development engine.

MPE includes multiple productivity-boosting features, which spare you from tedious routine, time loosing and keeping your focus on your ideas.

Quick Overview Video

The following video provides an overview of Maple Programming Environment and is the easiest way to get started with developing your Maple applications in Maple Programming Environment.

Quick Overview Video - Maple Programming Environment


Java-Like Look and Feel

MPE follows the Java concepts of the User Interface and Functionality (Eclipse JDT). Beginners will appreciate the interface proven over the years by millions of users. Advanced programmers, which already have Java expirience, will be surprised to see familiar GUI.

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Maple and Java Projects - MPE

Advanced Maple Project

A Maple project contains source code and has an associated Maple builder that can incrementally compile Maple source files as they are changed.
MPE contributes Project Explorer that represents project's Build Path (Maple Libname) as a structural tree of the Maple libraries (.mla files) and other Maple projects.

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Maple Project in the Maple Programming Environment


Running and Debugging.

MPE provides the fast and easy way to Run your Maple application in a snap using Launching Wizards and Debug Maple code using the Mint Syntax Checker.

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Since code refactoring is a one of the major focuses of development, MPE includes Rename Refactoring of the Maple elements (modules, procedures, names etc.) for the structural code changes without changing application's functionality.

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In-place Maple Editor Refactoring - MPE

Maple Archive Exploring

Maple Archive Explorer allows browse any of the archives which you added to the project, list an archive's Maple symbols/elements and open them in the Maple Editor.

Maple Library/Archive (.mla files) Explorer - MPE

Maple Code Navigation

Maple Code Navigation allows you to find the definitions and references of Maple modules, procedures, variables etc. in your code directly from the editor or using Open Model Element dialog.

Maple Code Refactoring - MPE

Application Building

MPE produces Target/Result Maple Library (.mla archive) of a project on the fly during the developing. MPE makes building process as simple as possible.

 Building of a Maple Project - MPE

MPE provides powerful Maple Editor that understands and refactor your code, provides code assistant and easy navigation.
Maple Editor has a dozens of features such as the following:

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