Well, it’s been more than 17 years since First Leaves: A Tutorial Introduction to Maple V was first published as a hardcover book, and since that time, Maple, the Maple documentation, and the world have undergone huge changes.   We are now in a state where all our documentation is available electronically, including both in-product and online; where the vast majority of our customers receive our products electronically and never even see the printed manuals; and where we have an increasing awareness of our impact on the environment, from cutting down trees to carbon emissions during production and shipping.  As a result, and not without a touch of nostalgia, Maplesoft has decided to stop producing printed product manuals for our products, starting with the next release of Maple.  Not only will this save some trees, but it will allow us to focus more of our efforts on creating a richer e-book experience for our customers. 

We will continue to produce physical discs for those who need or want our products delivered in that form.


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