The FunctionAdvisor project is currently developing at full speed. During the last two months, a significant amount of new conversion routines and mathematical information for Jacobi elliptic and Jacobi Theta functions, on identities, periodicity, transformations, etc. got added to the conversion network for mathematical functions and to the FunctionAdvisor. The previous months was the turn of the set of complex components, added to the network. Developments regarding the simplification and integration of special functions (e.g SphericalY for computing spherical harmonics or Dirac), as well as fixes to the numerical evaluation of JacobiAM, `assuming` and to differential equation subroutines are also part of the update.

These developments are available to everybody as usual in the Maplesoft R&D Differential Equations and Mathematical Functions webpage. Below there is a list of the latest developments as seen in the worksheet that comes in the zip with the DEsAndMathematicalFunctions update.

Edgardo S. Cheb-Terrab
Physics, Differential Equations and Mathematical Functions, Maplesoft

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