I have a P4 3 Ghz machine with 2.5 Gb's of RAM.  Basically I just want to find out what is not normal. 

In Maple when I just randomly press keys as fast as I can on my keyboard I can get my CPU usage up to 25%.  Should it really get that high just typing in letters?  What do other people get?

On my laptop P4 1.4 Ghz machine with 1Gb RAM it jumps all the way up to 100% just typing.  I think that's a problem because I don't believe it should jump that high.  25% on my desktop seems a bit high but it still seems a little high for just typing in letters. 

What do other people get?   If you could, lets take a small poll, maybe we can make some standard benchmarks? 

Inlude your machine processor speed and RAM size then open your CPU performance window and type away at the keyboard as fast as you can and see how high that CPU usage gets.  I have pretty much nothing else running in the background but it still gets as high as 25%, I'm guessing it shouldn't really run higher than about 5 or 10%.  Anyone else? 

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