A poster on comp.soft-sys.math.maple recently asked how to set the default zoom for worksheets to a non-standard value; the jump from 100% to 150% being rather large. Standard GUI This can be readily accomplished by modifying the proper Maple initialization file.
the file is ~/.maple10rc
Mac OS X
the file is Maple 10 Preferences in Library/Preferences under your user directory (thanks to Tim Lahey).
the file is Maple10.ini (not maple.ini). The maple help pages do not mention this file and I do not have Windows, so cannot check. I have received reports that it is located in the users subdirectory under the Maple installation directory, but also reports that it is in c:\Documents and Settings\JoeUser, where JoeUser is your user name. My advice, until this is cleared up, is to search for all instances of this file and use the newest one. Maple writes to this file whenever the gui exits, so the newest one should be the right one. You might send me a note on what you've found (along with which version of Maple you are using); I'll update this accordingly.
Edit this file (for a release other than Maple 10, adjust the name appropriately). Before doing so, close Maple; the Maple gui writes information to this file when it closes and changes will be lost if the file has been editted with Maple open. Make a backup of this file. There are two lines to edit: HelpZoom=100 in the [Help] section and Default Zoom=100 in the [Options] section. Change the 100 to the zoom factor (%) desired, say 125. Comments can be inserted into this file by preceding them with a # character. Save the file, then start Maple. The screen should be zoomed to the factor assigned, however, there is no numerical indication of this. Click View -> Zoom Factor; none of the boxes should be checked. Classic GUI Classic Maple has no option for customizing the default zoom in the initialization file. There is, however, a technique that can be used. It's a bit of a hack, but is robust.
  1. Save a Maple worksheet from the classic gui. It will have extension .mws.
  2. Open the worksheet file in an ascii editor. Scroll down to the end. The last few line looks something like the following:
    {MARK "0 0 0" 279 }
    {VIEWOPTS 1 1 0 1 1 1803 1 1 1 1 }
    {PAGENUMBERS 0 1 2 33 1 1 }
    These may be run together on one line; that doesn't matter.
  3. The VIEWOPTS statement sets display options for the worksheet. The 4th and 5th arguments (the two just before 1803) correspond to the numerator and denominator, respectively, of a fraction that is the zoom factor applied to the worksheet.
  4. Modify these two arguments to set the desired zoom. For example, to get 125% zoom, set the arguments to 125 100.
  5. Save the worksheet, then reopen it in Maple and verify that the zoom is as desired.
  6. Delete the contents of this worksheet then save it, with an appropriate name (say zoom125.mws). To create a new worksheet with that zoom, without going through the external editing process, open the blank worksheet and rename it.

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