It is already September and there has been no updates for the latest Maple release.  Am I to expect that when I purchase the newest copy of Maple that what I buy is what I get and there maybe no updates?  I mean Maple 10 was on the market for a full 2 years with updates, 6 to be exact, so users must have pretty satisfied with the service, hopefully.  And Maple 11 users had their version on the market 3 months longer than Maple 12 although from version 11 to 13 each has had just 2 updates and it was only a year. 

Personally I would prefer a copy of Maple where a version is at least continually refined for a service period after the new version is released.  I'm no software expert but I know things change rapidly.  I don't think it would be too much to ask for, at least a couple of updates for older versions to tidy/fix things up a little.  Maybe reserve a year for service updates to older versions, or at least 2 extra bonus updates.  But I don't see that happeing in any of the softwares companies (at least I can't think of one at the moment) and it sure would be nice if those extra updates were there.

Matlab seems to have been on the same version, ver7, for the last 6 years!  Not sure but I think every year is a major upgrade, not really an update, but I'm not sure.  And the latest Mathematica version has been on the market since the end of 2008. 

The support beyond a new update may not be a good idea in a business sense, but it makes sense for the user.  Maybe to settle at a halfway point would be just to extend the lifetime of a version, that way I could enjoy my copy of Maple for an extra year longer, and hopefully just long enough to have a nice working version with most of the bugs and all of the major ones worked out. 

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