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i want to simplify this expression (f@f@...@f@f)(x)

f is repeated "n" times

e.g: for n=3

we found (f@f@f)(x) .


help me please.

Hello, can you help me? I need to draw a simple model of solar system (9 planets around the sun). I tried to draw planets with

> a[1] := animate(implicitplot3d,



I ‘d like to compute something as follows at certain r and z, but first I must compute the integral and then substituting the r and z values.

A(r, z) = int( f(r,z, teta), teta=0..0.78)

But the problem: f is a complicated function of the 3 variables (including BesselJ(0,..), sin & root square functions, ..!!) thus a simple int command...


can you help me, I want to make a convolution on this :

 But I really do not know how to deal with the diff...



Sorry for my english

For any positive integer, N, I need to create an N by N matrix whose (i,j)-entry, i-th row, j-th column, is (((1+j-i)*N+j)/(2+j-i)!) *z(2+j-i) for indeterminates z(0),z(1),z(2), etc. and z(k)=0 for k<0. How can I do this?


Is there any  function  in maple to compute the SVD of a matrix  using jacobi method? Or anybody has maple code to do so?


I am working on my project related to bioinformatics. I am using Maple 11 for calculations related to matrices.

I need to calculate  Moore-penrose Pseudoinverse. I need to know the algorithm used by Maple function

'MatrixInverse' for calculating pseudo inverse of matrix.



I have a problem with the numerical integration in Maple. Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated!


K[1] := 1.0;
K[2] := 1;
K[3] := 0.16;

local k,q,h;
end proc:

Can anyone explain why I get a different answer if I use int instead of Int in the following evaluation:

> evalf(subs(r = 1, Int(Int(Dirac(x1+x2-r)*q, x1 = 0 .. 1), x2 = 0 .. 1)));
> evalf(subs(r = 1, int(int(Dirac(x1+x2-r)*q, x1 = 0 .. 1), x2 = 0 .. 1)));

I have to evaluate several complex integrals involving square roots. Maple automatically assume the branch cut is all negative reals. Is there a way to change this? This would make my life alot easier! thanks!

Hello everybody,

I would like to assign 349 different variable not already existing (w[i], i from 1 to 349) to 349 expressions from a list. Unfortunately I do not know how to write it. When I try anything like a:=w[33]->listevnouveau[33], it does not work.

With this a, I want to solve this : solve(listedd[33]*w[33]=a,w[33]); which is only possible by assigning variable to the expression.

Regard, Charbo

When I try to solve a DAE system I got this error:

               Error, (in dsolve/numeric/DAE/applysub) numeric exception: division by zero

Any ideas?
Thanks everybody for help!

Hi everybody,
i'm an italian student, i'd like to create a Maple Library Archive for Maple 11 (a .mla file) with the procedures i want but i don't know how to. Can anyone explain me?

(I want to create a .mla file with some procedures and then recall the library at the initialization of a new worksheet, so that i can use the procedures i defined)

For example, i would like to create a .mla archive with the 2 following procedures:


I'm using Maple 11 and pdflatex. I'm trying to export Maple code to latex.  To this end, I've exported my maple file as a latex file and included the maplestd2e package in my tex document. However, from compiling the tex file I only obtain pdf output for those parts of the original maple file that represent output. For example, the following tex-code correctly produces the word 'true':

\mapleinline{inert}{2d}{true}{\[\displaystyle {\it true}\]}

Hi there, 

I want to know how I can animate a plot with more than one parameter? I can manage animating a plot with one parameter, using the 'animate' command, but this seems to be limited to a single parameter.

How could I do it? If it is not possivle in Maple 11, would such an option be implemented in Maple 15?

Also: If I would want to animate other things than plots, are there commands for that in Maple 11 / 15?

Thx :)

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