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How can I create a matrix M by M with maple, where the elements of diagonal comes from b[i]=i+1 and the other elements comes from c[i,k]=i+k.



I want to find the optimum of




hello all, I'm trying to solve ODE's but my computer takes a very long time evaluationg. and still not giving an answer for more than 4 hours.

so please is there anything error in my solution

deqs := {NULL
         , diff(u2(y), y, y)-((h^2/K)+m*h^2*M^2)*u2(y)+m*b*rho*h^2*GR*(c3*y+c4) = 0
         , diff(u1(y), y, y)-((1/(K*(1+k1)))+(M^2/(1+k1)))*u1(y)+k1*(diff(N(y), y))/(1+k1)+GR*(c1*y+c2)/(1+k1) = 0


I want to solve a cylindrical PDE with Maple. how can i solve it?


Hi, Can anyone help me in solving the following system of ode, i'm new in maple and i faced some problems in using it.

the system:

diff(u2(y), y, y)+m*b*rho*h^2*GR*(c3*y+c4) = 0,

diff(u1(y), y, y)+K*(diff(N(y), y))/(1+K)+GR*(c1*y+c2)/(1+K) = 0,

-2*K*(2*N(y)+diff(u1(y), y))/(2+K)+diff(N(y), y, y) = 0

with the following boundary conditions

u1(-1) = 0, u2(1) = 0, u1(0) = u2(0), (D(u1))(0)+K*N(0)/(1+K) = (D(u2))(0)/(m*h*(1+K)), (D(N))(0) = 0, N(-1) = 0


I want to evaluate an integral over the Dirac function with basically the following assignments. (I had some troubles parsing here...) Then I want to plot function rho(epsilon). What I get is just an empty graph with nothing displayed although test has only values in the range -3...3. I am pretty new to maple and don't know how to compute this in another way.

> test(x,y,z) := .2686733768*x^2+.2686733768*z^2-.2178281566+.2686733768*y^2+(-1)*1.000000000*sqrt...


I have a little problem, I tried to find out the Temperature of the Electrons in a Plasma,

the cross section name is sigma and I'm working with noble gases and there Threshold energies.

In the end I wand to find out  T_e but there comes only "Warning, solutions may have been lost"

Can anyone help me please?


Thank you very much

greetings from munich


i'm working on a short program to put random points on a sphere , but i have some difficulties :
 i consider a sphere  where  i choose  n  points  with  "randpoint" then i plot it but it doesn't work if someone can help me to correct my program

here is the program :

> with(plots):
> s2:=sphere(s3,x^2+y^2+z^2=1):
> sphere1:=(x,y,z,R)->[x+R*cos(phi)*cos(theta),y+R*cos(phi)*sin(theta),z+R*sin(phi)]:

In the Belgium lottery they pick 6 numbers out of 42   (  there can't be 2 equals numbers being picked out )
Now for my maple homework , i must do some exercices in maple

1 ) Simulate the lottery
2 ) If you partici

hye, how to plot the pde using pdsolve if the error that we get is unable to handle elliptic PDEs. please look at the attachment. thanks for your help. regards, zarith
hello. I have calculated an integral equation (general goursat problem) with an iteration method. I want to know how could I use MAPLE to derive a function for. I found the first 4 iteration for function f. the exact problem is Uxy=2.U.Ux . U(x,y)=2x on y=x^2+x and U(x,y)=3x^2 on y=0. I want to find the U function. y=t^2+t U0=2t-3t^2+3x^2 Un=U0+int(2*Un*(Un

Maple 11 has been out for a while now so hopefully people have it. I thought I would write a short post detailing some of what was done in the area of Groebner bases. If you run the examples in Maple 10 and Maple 11, I would appreciate it if you could post the times and the specifications of your computer.

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