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 i want to plot a graph here is my codes and i want the graph like this, can any body help me



h(z):=1-(delta2/2)*(1 + Cos(2*(Pi/L1)*(z - d1 - L1))):


I have a list of displayed sequences  

S[j]:=display(seq(R1[i],i=,seq(R[i],i=, scaling = constrained, axes = none);

that can be animated easily in a worksheet using the following command 

display(seq(S[n]$5, n=1..10), insequence=true);

but when I try to embed that in a maplet, it doesnt work. The problem is with insequence. I removed insequence and the maplet showed S[10]. What else can I use?  

What can I do to have the maplet show the sequence of displays? Is there a way to use the animate command here?

Thanks for the help. 


Imagine three isosceles triangles with coordinates of each stored in a matrix such as:

> coord1:=Matrix(3,2,[0,0,5,0,2.5,4]);

> coord2:=Matrix(3,2,[2,0,7,0,4.5,4]);

> coord3:=Matrix(3,2,[4,0,9,0,6.5,4]);

and plotted together as follows (only the first is shown)

> PLOT(CURVES([[0,0],[5,0],[2.5,4],[0,0]]),COLOR(HUE,1));

I want to create an animation with stationary (original) isosceles triangles in the background along with new isosceles triangles generated by incrementally (say 4 increments) moving only the apex of each triangle until it touches the base of the triangle; obtained by multiplying the apex’s vertical coordinate by (say ¼) in each increment using a do loop. 

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.



  how can I find equation discribing elliptic intersections and use lagrange to show the higest and lowest value ?    g 

I would like to check if op(n,g) exists for a given function g and a positive integer n.
How do I do it?
Naturally, I don't have the function g. It is theoretically created.
Thank you!




Is there a way to remove the parentheses around y'(t)?

Thank you!



Assume that f:=(s+2)^2*(s-3). How do we get the order of the two factors reversed?
In other words, how do we get g:=(s-3)*(s+2)^2 by manipulating f? As usually,
I don't have f fixed. It is a product of two algebraic factors generated within the Maple program.
Thank you!


I occasionally need single left quotes placed around the value of number.
Let's say x=3. Is there a command on x that will make x=`3`?
Thank you!


Why is this happening?

Thank you!

I have this situation:

We have sol[1] = "A=1", etc. How do I pick up just the solution values 1, 2 and 3 from sol? This is a generated system in a larger program, so I don't have access to the individual numbers coming out of a single step.

In the partial fraction decomposition Maple often changes the order of the terms.
For example,

How do we remedy this?
Thank you!


Why is Maple 13 giving me

instead of (s-3)/((s-3)^2+4)?

Thank you!

I really need to factor minus one from -x-yI. I can do -[x+yI] and -{x+yI}. I cannot do -(x+yI).
Well, i really don't have these numbers exactly. They are produced within a Maple program.
I have something like ab, where a is the number x+yI. The little trick -`a`b will not work because
of the rather involved form of "a".
Thank you!




How do we print the determinant as a matrix with vertical bars instead of brackets?


When I put "print(A=B=C);" in Maple 13 I get the error:

Error, `=` unexpected

about the second equality sign. How do I remedy that?



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