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Q1) Could you pls tell me how can I show in maple the curve (x^2+y^2)^2=x^2-y^2 in the form of

x(t)=cos(t)/1+sin^2*t and y(t)=sint*cost/1+sin^2*t.

Q2) how can I express sin^2(4x) in terms of powers of cosx.

a) cos^3(3x)cos(5x) as a linear combination of cosines of multiples of x.

how can i solve matrix ?

for example :

Matrix(4, 4, {(1, 1) = 18, (1, 2) = -45, (1, 3) = 36, (1, 4) = -9, (2, 1) = 9, (2, 2) = -18, (2, 3) = 9, (2, 4) = 0, (3, 1) = 0, (3, 2) = 9, (3, 3) = -18, (3, 4) = 9, (4, 1) = -9, (4, 2) = 36, (4, 3) = -45, (4, 4) = 18})  

m(x[i]) = product(x[i]-x[j], j = 1 .. N)              i <> j


for N=4

I am doing a paper on the stability of a damp. This includes making a Cartesian expression of line of fracture in the subjacent earth layers.

I’ve attached the maple sheet that covers the following expressions.

The polar expression of the line of fracture is given by r(v)=r[0]*exp(v*tan(phi)), in which

r[0] and phi are constants and v is the angle.

To change the expression to a Cartesian coordinate system I introduce

r(v)=sqrt(x^2+y^2) and

Is Maple 15 compatible with Mac OS X Lion?  If not, when will it be so?

With Maple15.01 on a x86_64 linux box running Fedora 14, I get the following error when trying to run a basic comand from LinearAlgebra:

> with(LinearAlgebra);
> R := RandomMatrix(4, 4):
> Eigenvalues(R);
Error, (in ifactor/SmallFactors/ext) external library could not be found/used

Could someone please tell me what the required environment setup is so that Maple can find and use the external shared libraries?...

Dear Dr. Lopez,

I would like to make a visualization of the following:

y=0.9       0 <= x <=4

y=1-0.1e^(-0.1x)   4<x



Please help. Thank you very much.



Giao Che

I get an error:

/usr/bin/ld: warning:, needed by /usr/local/bin/maple15/bin.IBM_INTEL_LINUX/, not found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)
/usr/local/bin/maple15/bin.IBM_INTEL_LINUX/ undefined reference to `extStartMaple@VERS_1.1'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status


Even if I try to explicitly add all the maple libs, something goes wrong:

gcc simple.c -I/usr/local/bin/maple15/extern/include ...

Hi everybody, I have a rather large code in Maple for my research which needs fast eigensolving for large sparse matrices, thus, I am using the Matlab link to parse my matrices and get them eigensolved in Matlab. The problem is that, I am unable to directly parse a Maple sparse matrix to a Matlab sparse matrix which substantially slows down the calculation.

This is the best I can do so far:


> H:=Matrix(5000,5000,shape=symmetric,storage=sparse,datatype=float[8]):

How can I most succinctly and straightforwardly get Maple to simplify f below to g below?

> f:=(6*x^2-6*x+6)^(1/2)*(2*x^2-2*x+2)^(1/2);

                          (1/2)                 (1/2)
          /   2          \      /   2          \     
          \6 x  - 6 x + 6/      \2 x  - 2 x + 2/     

> g:=simplify(f) assuming x::real;

                        (1/2) / 2        \
                     2 3      \x  - x + 1/

> simplify(g-f...


I want to evaluate an approximation of the solution of the equation eq1 in [0,1] using 4 digits.

In first try, when I first write Digits:=4,  this seems avoid the command fsolve to display the solution.

In second try, when I write evalf(fsolve(eq1,beta=0..1),4),  evalf seems avoid the command fsolve to display the solution.

In the final try, when I write  
> fsolve(eq1,beta=0..1):
> evalf(%,4);
I have...


I would really appreciate some help. I am trying to use maple as a document of engineering analysis and calculations (like I would do in MathCAD), can maple handle such things. I seem to be having problems with the formatting. For example my units and outputs seem inconsistent, where am I going wrong. I have uploaded a file belwo for some advice please.

Also when I define a variable and then change the variables value can I get all the equations which...


I'm trying to solve a PDE using pdsolve() for the Laplace functrion.I can solve the PDE and get a general solution, but when I try to solve the equation with the boundary conditions, Maple indicate that"Error, (in pdsolve/info) wrong extra arguments: {u(0, y) = 0, u(a, y) = 0, u(x, 0) = f(x), u(x, b) = g(x)}",here is my code:

> restart; with(PDEtools);
> U := diff_table(u(x, y));
> pde[1] := U[`$`(x, 2)]+U[`$`(y, 2)] = 0;
>bc[1] := eval(U[...

I am using the command latex(int((sqrt(45.5625-(y-6.75)^2)+4.5)^2, y = 0 .. 13.5)); and its giving me 1327.562169 instead of the integral. How do I force maple 15 not to evaulate the integral.

tryed to compile samples\OpenMaple\cmaple\omexample.c in MS Visual C++ Express 2010. Everything is OK but after running is writes "The program can't start because maplec.dll is missing from your computer..." Why? I've linked maplec.lib statically! Besides \Maple\\ in my library path where both maplec.dll and maplec.lib are. System - Win7 Home Premium +SP1

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