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Hi all,

I have two plots, one done in Maple and an other in Matlab. And I want to compare the two plots with superposing the two plots in one plot (in Matlab or in Maple).

Copy from a plot in Maple and past into a plot in Matlab don't work.

What is the easy way to do that ?

Thanks in advance


I've used Eigenvectors to solve for eigenvalues & eigenvectors.  Eigenvalues works, no problem.

The eigenvectors are not normalized to unit magnitude (how would I do that for all eigenvectors?) and the usual matrix multiplication of the eigenmatrix by its transpose should give the identity matrix--and somehow it does not. 

Can someone point out the flaw in my thinking?  The file is attached.


Thanks for you insight! 

I recently purchased the Student Edition of Maple 15 over the internet. I accidentally downloaded the 32-bit version, is there any way that I can download the 64-bit version? I can't seem to find this option on the website.

Hi there,

I am working on a Maple sheet where I've been doing all the calculations with units. The problem is that I now want to get the product of a "seq" "R_DC_total-sek" and multiply it by the sequence R_AC_total-sek. But how do I do that? I've tried changing them into lists, but since one of the lists have units and the other one do not, Maple does not multiply the two lists, but just prints them.

I've uploaded the sheet here:

Hi, all. I'm not too confident in the results of Tolerances. I am very confident in the results of ScientificErrorAnalysis. Sadly, the Tolerances package has an awesome +- operator, while ScientificErrorAnalysis has the bulky Quantity() function. I'd like to define +- to be Quantity, something akin to this:

`&+-` := (a,b)->Quantity(a,b);



I am trying to plot the cdf of a binomial random variable, which has jump discontinuities at each of the integers with positive probability mass. Typically, when plotting a piecewise function, one would prefer not to have Maple connect all the points of discontinuity with a vertical line, and discont=true achieves that. Why doesn't the following command yield the expected results:





How does one implement the multinomial probabiility distribution in Maple? If it's not available in Maple, what would be an easy way to define one?




I have got a problem using LPSolve with the option "method=interiorpoint". If I do not add this option it works fine but if I add this option I get the message "Error, (in Optimization:-LPSolve) unrecognized storage format, storage = []"

Could you please help me to deal with that? Thank you.


I am relatively new to Maple and I am seeking an efficient way to create a probability histogram for a discrete probability distribution. For example,

x:      1     3   5    7

p(x): 1/8 1/4 1/2 1/8


I would like rectangles with height corresponding to the probabilities with bases centered at each x value, allowing for the possibility of gaps in the distribtuion.


I am stumped as to why LinearSolve and BackwardSubstitute(GaussianElimination) are giving me different answers (the latter gives the correct answer).  Here's what my maple session looks like:


Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks.


A while back, I was trying to use Maple's NonlinearFit function, but I kept getting an error regarding the input.  Any help you might be able to give me would be appreciated.  Thanks much.

Y := [96, 183, 290, 472, 711, 1191, 1746, 2573, 3507, 4410, 5133, 5597, 5948, 6294, 6408, 6511, 6559, 6596, 6618]

restart; interface(version); # Maple 15
# symbolic expression
  -0.3; # <--- does that give the trouble ?
simplify(t); # makes it a float ...




I typed this file above exactly as my professor gave us but, I received this message, and the link to the website has no help for this.  Can someone help his or my resolve my mistake?



Hello to all,


I have a chunk of letters, numbers and others symbols like in this extract:


My goal is to be able to enter that chunk into Maple for character manipulation like searching if, for example, Qxp+zr6km is part of that chunk as is (and if possible his location).  Since there is some "+", I can't define it with chunk :=.  The source is a *.txt file.  Maybe a readdata?

I am quite busy for the moment so is there someone kind enough to help me.

Thanks in advance

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