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Good morning.

 have a problem with maple that it can work and i need to know know how can i uninstall maple on ubuntu ( linux)

i can see that there isn't exist the folder uninstall.

help me please.



I want to explore for example:

Explore(plot(Sum(i^2*sin(i*x), i = 1 .. n), x = 0 .. 10));

I know that animate can be applied as:

animate(plot, [Sum(i^2*sin(i*x), i = 1 .. n), x = 0 .. 10], n = 1 .. 10);

Is it possible to get the Exploration Assistant in the same worksheet after the command Explore and not in another worksheet ?

Explore can be done for many parameters which is not the case for animate.

Thanks for any suggestion

Hi all,

For example, I have this equation:

restart: eq:=diff(theta(t),t)*y(theta(t))+x(t)=sin(x(t));



I want to replace in eq, wm:=diff(theta(t),t). I used commands eval, subs as:



but with no result

Thanks for any suggestion


I am trying to translate the following Mathematica code into Maple, but am having a lot of difficulties finding the equivalent commands.  Could you please help?

Table[ Partition[ Take[ Flatten[ t ], {k, 3*Length[ t ], 3} ], cols ], {k, 1,3} ]

Note: t,k, and cols are all variables


I have no idea what happens here:



s=05189CFC, invalid INTPOS

Error, (in Typeset:-Tdisplay[true]) object at address is invalid
                     Typesetting:-mi("` `")
Error, unexpected result from Typesetting

I have Maple 15.

I've recently uploaded an application to the MAPLE Application Centre:


I have since tried to make edits to the application and to submit them using the edit facility there, but none has been implemented. Please would some one let me know ne who can help resolve this problem? 




I am running a home network, XP and Maple 11 on the old computer, Win 7 and single-user Maple 15 on the new.

It took a long time, but I finally got a wireless network running, so that Win7 on the new computer can open and access all the files on the old computer.

But when I run Maple15 on the new computer and try to open an old computer file, Maple 15 cannot see the old computer or any of its directories, even though it has a "network" tab on the "open" command. This Maple worksheet Ukrainian students have downloaded 84.581 times a week. ("ZNO")

> restart:
> sys := TransferFunction(1/((1+0.1*s)(1+0.002*s+0.0001*s^2)));
> BodePlot(sys,range=10^(-1)..10^(3));

I get the following warning:
             Warning, transfer-function(s) are not rational-polynomial(s) in s

Why?.. How can I make it work without any warning?

Thanks everybody for help!


with(OrthogonalExpansions) not working in Maple 15 (work in Maple 14). What is the equivalent package for FourierSeries calculations?

Thanks in advance

Kamel Boughrara


How can i delete a row in a (2D) Matrix?


Thanks,   (Mohsen)

Sleep Sort is a hilarious (to me anyway) joke dressed up as a sorting algorithm.

Here it is in non-obfuscated (if somewhat garbagey) Maple code (need version 15 since it uses ?Threads,Sleep )

SleepSort := proc(L::list(posint),$)
local Lout, p, i;
    Lout := NULL;

    p := proc(n::posint,$)
        Lout := Lout, n;
    end proc:

    Threads:-Wait( seq( Threads:-Create( p(i...

Hello friends,


I have tried to linearize three nonlinear equations which are coupled in the form of:






the ai, bi, ci parameters are constant parameters and x1, x2, x3 are variables (states). also, u(1) and u(2) are inputs to the system. xdot(i) is the derivative form of xi.

I am not able to use the Maple 15, because after it starts up, I receive an error ""the kernel loader cannot find Maple engine..."

What does it means and how to solve it?


Defined a demand function:


The Slutsky Matrix is calculated as Dpx(p,w) + Dwx(p,w) x(p,w)^T with Dpx(p,w) = Jacobian for p1, p2, p3 and Dwx(p,w) is a column vector of the derivate of x1, x2, x3 in respect to w.

Step by step:

Dxp := Jacobian(x(p,w),[p[1],p[2],p[3]])

yields the correct Jacobian.

For Dwx I've tried several different methods, i.e.

Dwx := Jacobian(x(p,w),[w...

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