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Is there a way to specify different colors for different output variables? For example, if x,y, and z appear in the entire document as variables, I want x to be red, y to be blue, and z to be green whenever an output is displayed.


will give me

which is indeed a solution of the PDE1

will give me

which is not a solution of the PDE2

However, both differential equations are equal, only the arguments are swapped around. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?


I'm trying project a plane onto a surface. Is there a direct command to do this?. There is a command to project a surface onto a plane but i need the oposite. Thanks!

I would like to publish a technical paper about a renewable energy with you. I use Maple 2016. What i need?. Thanks!

plot3d of procedure Sievert correctly displays the constant curvature Sievert surface, but the procedure uses the deprecated command evalm.

What Maple 2016 statement(s) would create the same value of X in Sievert?

Sievert := proc (B)

local a, b, denom, m, X;

a := sinh(B)*u; b := cosh(B)*v;

denom := sinh(B)*((cosh(2*a)-cos(2*b))*cosh(2*B)+2+cosh(2*a)+cos(2*b));

m := cosh(B)*[sinh(a), sin(b)*cos(v), sin(b)*sin(v)]+[0, -cos(b)*sin(v), cos(b)*cos(v)];

X := evalm([u, 0, 0]-8*cosh(B)*cosh(a)*m/denom);

end proc:

plot3d(Sievert(.75), u = -2.5 .. 2.5, v = -10.5 .. 10.5, scaling = constrained, grid = [30, 100], style = patch, shading = xy, lightmodel = light3, orientation = [-3, 140], title = "Sievert's surface", titlefont = [Courier, bold, 14]);

How can I ask Maple to plot intersection of two implicitplot3d? It is explained how to draw the union in the Maple help by simply entering a list to combine plots, but I didn't see anything about intersection.

Maple 2016 worked fine on July 27.

On July 28 Microsoft insisted on applying a patch to Windows 10 (they called it a "significant upgrade"). After that, Maple 2016 no longer works - it loads, presents the default worksheet, allows you to load a previous worksheet, but as soon as you go to do anything, it quits.

Any suggestions, other than downgrading to the previous version of Windows 10, which I have already done, (and turned off MS windows update services)?

I have a problem with calculations. I have a worksheet and it calculated on some computer but on another i have an error after each equation. I dont have any idea why. When i click on error i see "Sorry, we do not have specific information about your error. " What can i doo with this?

This app is used to study the behavior of water in its different properties besides air. Also included is the study of the fluids in the state of rest ie the pressure generated on a flat surface. Integral developed in Maple for the community of users in space to the civil engineers.

Lenin Araujo Castillo

Ambassador of Maple


Hello people in mapleprimes,

I want to single out omega^epsilon from and modify the rhs of the following expression
to the expression where the  the part without omega^epsilon and  another part of  omega^epsilon
are multiplied.

Y = -L*epsilon^epsilon*(1-epsilon)^(1-epsilon)*(-omega^(-1+epsilon)*k*theta+(1-theta)*omega^epsilon)/(1-epsilon-theta)

I am glad if you teach me this.



Hello people in maple primes,

I have an expression,


, which I want to put in order as 


Isn't there any ways to do the modification above?

 I am very glad if you answer to my question.


Trying to solve:

solve (arctan((2*x^2-1)/(2*x^2+1)) = 0, x);

The answer I get is the original function:



This example is from the Maple book by Keck, and he shows the Maple V answer as

1/2 sqrt(2) -1/2 sqrt(2)     


Suppose that I have an expression of the form  eq:=a*x^2+b*y^2+c*x*y, where x,y are real numbers, a>0, b<0, and c>0. Is there a relatively simple way to separate the positive, negative, and indeterminate terms from such an expression. In other words, I want to get  





Dear Community,

I try to solve the following very simple ODE symbolically with the ODE Analyzer assistant, yet Maple says "unble to obtain solution". :-/

If I try to slove it with dsolve, nothing happens. Is it really so difficult?

diff(p(h),h)=A/(B+C*p(h)), p(h0)=p1

A, B, C, h0 and p1 are constants. I use Maple 2016.

Tx in advance,

best egards


Hi everyone,

I have a strange problem with the LSSolve function. I get an error when specifying an optimality tolerance as an option for LSSolve function : "unexpected parameters: optimalitytolerance = 1/1000" (see attached). When I remove the option, the LSSolve function works and returns something. Why ?

This is a problem for me because in my program I automatically generate lots of equations and I need to solve them using the same parameters.  "list1" is an example of a list that makes LSSolve to return an error and therefore it makes my program stop.
Is it possible, when LSSolve returns an Error, to re-run the function without the optimalitytolerance option ?


[0.127345646906885e-1-0.186555124779203e-2*D32-0.282637107183903e-3*D33, -0.427981372479296e-2+0.184372031092059e-1*D32+0.366060535331614e-2*D33, -0.279056870350439e-1+0.497068050546578e-1*D32+0.300683751452398e-1*D33, -0.159123153512316e-1-0.200310190531632e-2*D32+0.110642730744851e-1*D33, -0.358677392345135e-2-0.477282036776905e-2*D32+0.279495051520868e-2*D33, -.158025406913808+.301050727553470*D32+0.991309483578555e-1*D33, -0.767170565747362e-1+0.287589092672543e-1*D32+0.380554240544922e-1*D33, 0.134025593814442e-1-0.163134747085529e-1*D32-0.978424817965354e-2*D33, 0.177936771272063e-1-0.193555892719151e-1*D32-0.117324484775754e-1*D33, .136323651819599-.101383912457110*D32-0.800923073293239e-1*D33, 0.658540765374620e-1-.134530865070270*D32-0.449966493124888e-1*D33, 0.366589441985546e-1-0.923517762126252e-1*D32-0.313964041159186e-1*D33, 0.200320004853408e-2-0.454710553314498e-2*D32-0.121523285055995e-2*D33, 0.362766049610844e-2-0.103494064252009e-1*D32-0.347855768021822e-2*D33, 0.431461474510905e-2-0.122762710681104e-1*D32+0.305664301894285e-3*D33]


LSSolve(list1, [0 <= D32, 0 <= D33], optimalitytolerance = 10^(-3))

Error, (in Optimization:-LSSolve) unexpected parameters: optimalitytolerance = 1/1000




Thanks in advance,

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