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if I have two partition Pi and Pi 'I want to know the decomposition of Pi' 

When entering an expression into Maple that is not in simplest form (2*(x +y)/2 Maple desktop will automatically change it to x+y. I have tried subtracting equivalent expressions, using evalb, using convert, and using simplify, but I cannot get 2*(x+y)/2 to be equivalent to (x+y) using the MapleNet web service.

Any help appreciated.

Im building a series of Java applets. My applets have text areas where students will write answers to questions. I am looking for a way to make my text areas be MathML boxes. Anotherwords, instead of adding the answer in normal text (1/2) it will be in Maple format. (1/2) should be a fractions, and not just a string as you see in this post.

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