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if I have two partition Pi and Pi 'I want to know the decomposition of Pi' 

Hi guys,

I tried many days but cannot find where to download or buy MapleNet 15. Please help me I am so appriciated.

Several things are broken on mapleprimes right now, including

- embedded (full) worksheets as displayed 2D Math, etc

- reputation plots for several (if not most) members

- both moderator badge updates


I cannot make a worksheet function as it should in MapleNet 11. It contains a graph and a slider to adjust the graph. It looks fine, but when I try to read the value of the slider I get an error message "Error: ecslider17 not found". The worksheet works perfectly in "offline Maple".


Any suggestions how to fix this will be most welcome.

MapleNet 15 has just been released. MapleNet 15 brings the power of Maple 15 to your web sites and applications. New features include support for the new interactive data tables and single-click re-execution of documents.  MapleNet 15  also automatically detects when it is being accessed from a mobile device and adapts the display according to the device capabilities. 

You can learn more about MapleNet 15

I am trying to find a way to programmatically start a Maple animation, specifically after a custom button has been pressed.

Equivalently, I would be happy with being able to pass an option do "display" function, so that when I use it to create an animation, it is running from the moment it appears on the screen.

Any hints will be greatly appreciated.

I want to publish a Maple Program on Web. How I do ?
I want a MapleNET Server to run on a pc for fast.

On the topic of the quality of rendering of (2D) Math on websites, could that also be re-examined for both Mapleprimes and Maplesoft's on-line help system?

Right now the on-line help has pages with missing images in Examples. For example, the `int` and `sum` on-line help pages, here and here.

On that

When entering an expression into Maple that is not in simplest form (2*(x +y)/2 Maple desktop will automatically change it to x+y. I have tried subtracting equivalent expressions, using evalb, using convert, and using simplify, but I cannot get 2*(x+y)/2 to be equivalent to (x+y) using the MapleNet web service.

Any help appreciated.

Question: (how to do this)

Write a procedure that takes as input a lowercase text string and returns a list 26 integers.
the fist entry is a count of the number of letter 'a's,the second the number of lette 'b's ,.... , the 26th the numberof letter 'z'.

Thank you 


it's my first utilisation of MAPLE, and I want to determine the max of a function y(x). I have this differentiel equation with 2 variables :

a*diff(y(x),x,x) + b*(diff(y(x),x)-diff(z(x),x)) + c*diff(y(x),x) + d*y(x) + e*(y(x)-z(x))= 0;

I resolve it whith the function "dsolve", and now and I want to calculat the max of the function y(x).

can any body help me ??!!!



I am trying to establish communication with a mySQL database from a maplet provided over the Internet.

It's my understanding that the classpath for the JDBC must reside on the same filesystem as the maplet.

When I test my maplet on any of my computers (all Windows) I have not problem. Because I know exactly where the JAR file is located the following LoadDriver command works:

    'classpath' = "C:\\Documents and Settings/Doug/Desktop/mysql-connector-java-5.1.13-bin.jar");

But, if I put this maplet on one of my websites for others to download, then this path will be meaningless for other users - and even if the path were somehow valid, there is no guarantee they have the right JAR file in this location.

If I serve the maplet with my MapleNet server, then I am (in principle) back in the first case. I can put the JAR file almost anywhere on the MapleNet server. A natural place seems to be in /root/maplenet/jar/. This would mean the following should work:

    'classpath' = "/root/maplenet/jar/mysql-connector-java-5.1.13-bin.jar");

Alas, this is not successful, complaining that the driver com.mysql.jdbc.Driver cannot be found. In case it matters, the MapleNet server is running under Linux and the other setups are different varieties of Windows.

Can anyone give me some pointers on how to make this work? In particular,

  1. is it possible to allow users to use a remotely served JAR file?
    Maybe with a reference to the file given along the lines of
  2. What is the correct syntax to specify the classpath on a Linux system that includes a MapleNet server?
  3. Can I put the JAR file in the CLASSPATH environment variable on the MapleNet server (in /etc/profile)?

Here's what I am trying to do:

  1. I launch a Maplet from a webpage either using a local copy of Maple or over the web via MapleNet)
  2. When this Maplet iterminates I want to run a PHP (or Javascript or ...) program.

In order to do this, the web page needs to have some way to detect the termination of the Maplet. Does anyone have a way to do this?

One approach I've considered is to have a Javascript function that starts the Maplet, waits for the Maplet to terminate, then continues with it's job. But, the usual Javascript action is to start a window, after which the script continues to execute. If I could get a process ID for the window displaying the Maplet, I oculd probably have the Javascript spin its wheels until the process ID no longer exists in the list of active processes.

I can also imagine a situation where the Maplet writes a "cookie" somewhere on the client computer. Then the Javascript sits idle until it detects an appropriate trigger in the cookie. But, where to put the cookie? Is there a way to extract the directory from which Maple is run? Or, Maple's lib directory. (Within Maple I know there is the libname command. But, is there a way to send this information to a non-Maple job?

I've thought about using system (or ssystem) but the command to be executed depends on the OS of the system on which the Maplet is being executed.

I'm interested in all varieties of solutions: theoretical to complete implementations.

Thanks in advance,


Im building a series of Java applets. My applets have text areas where students will write answers to questions. I am looking for a way to make my text areas be MathML boxes. Anotherwords, instead of adding the answer in normal text (1/2) it will be in Maple format. (1/2) should be a fractions, and not just a string as you see in this post.

I am using MapleNet14 on Mac OS X Server 10.6.4. 


I tried to draw 3D plot by the use of MapleNet's Image Generation.

But the following URL that is sample code from document does not 

produce 3D plot.



Error messages are

  MapleNet JSP Error


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