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Hi, I have a cable driven robot arm consist of three joint and four links driven by cables from three pulleys. Each joint conneted to each pulley by cables independently. When I use inverse kinematic steps in maple I get these messages :

MB := zModel:-GetMultibody('simplify' = true):
                     "Analyzing system..."

              "Performing constraint analysis..."

"The system has 6 degree(s) of freedom.  It is modeled using 6 

   generalized coordinate(s) coupled by 0 algebraic constraint(s\


the problem is that I have six Generalized coordinates (3 joints + 3 pulleys) , I can find the inverse kinamatic of joint angles according to end effector position , the question is:
how can I apply it to pulley's angle?

Hey Guys . is it possible to import a Simulink block into maplesim . can some one explain the process . i already found something called BlockImporter Add-in. but it's some old maple addins and it's not support Windows 10

Bonjour, petite question simple que je me pose la MapleSim permet de tout réaliser ?

A failing slinky is another intriguing physics phenome that can be easily reproduced with MapleSim.

The bottom of a vertically suspended slinky does not move when the top is released until the slinky is fully collapsed.



To model this realistically in MapleSim, it is necessary to

  • Establish a stretched equilibrium state at the start of the fall
  • Avoid penetration of windings when windings collapse (i.e. get into contact)

The equilibrium state is achieved with the snapshot option. Penetration is avoided with the Elasto Gap component. Details can be found in the attached model.

A good overview of “Slinky research” is given here. The paper provides a continuous description of the collapse process (using an inhomogenous wave equation combined with contact modeling!!!) and introduces a finite time for the collapse of all windings. Results for a slinky are presented that collapses after 0.27s. The attached model has sufficient fidelity to collapse at the same time.

Real Slinkies also feature a torsional wave that precedes the compression wave and disturbs an ideal collapse. This can be seen on slowmo footage and advanced computer models. With a torsion spring constant at hand (are there formulas for coil springs?), it could also be modeled with MapleSim.



does the update of MapleSim 2022.2 have a bug when loading the own libraries? 
After installing the MapleSim 2022.2 update, my libraries have disappeared. I am unable to load them again. The libraries are still in the same folder as before, but when I try to load them, I get the error message

However, the library NoiseX is not listed in the left bar. Even when I try to create a new library, it is not shown in the left bar. On the other hand, there are no problems with the imported libraries. Many thanks in advance for any advice. 

Best wishes,


Anybody find Import CAD closes MapleSim 2022.2 when just opening file chooser when attempting to import CAD file?


We have just released the 2022.2 updates for Maple and MapleSim. These updates are freely available to all customers who have the 2022 version of these products.

Maple 2022.2 includes improvements to worksheet performance, the math engine, and more. As always, we recommend that all Maple 2022 users install this update. It is available through Tools>Check for Updates in Maple, and is also available from our website on the  Maple 2022.2 download page, where you can also find more details.

The MapleSim 2022.2 family of products offers an enhanced user experience through an expansion of the modeling libraries, a range of new productivity features, and several new options requested by users. See the MapleSim 2022.2 update page for details on new features, and for instruction on how to obtain your update.

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