Question: How to plot a function under constraints


I'm a beginner in Maple and I struggle to plot the function under a number of constraints.

My function has 2 varying variables (lambda and m):

d:=(lambda, m) -> (0*lambda*m*1*0.2533*5.251234*(9)/2/((4*5.251234-1)^2)+ 1*((m*lambda*1*0.2533)/4 + (1*0.048236*(5.251234-1)*5.251234)/((4*5.251234-1)^2)))-(1*0.048236*0.2533*(0.2533-0.048236)*1*(1+m*lambda)/((4*0.2533-0.048236)^2)+ 0*lambda*m*1*0.2533*5.251234*((4*5.251234+5))/2/((4*5.251234-1)^2));

 I know that i can plot the whole function by:

plot3d (d (lambda,m), lambda=0.1..1, m=0.1..1);

 But I have the following constraints to which the function must subject:

constraintsd:= {lambda>(2*sqrt(5.251234*(5.251234-1))/(4*5.251234-1)-m*(1-(2*sqrt(5.251234*(5.251234-1))/(4*5.251234-1)))), lambda<1/(2+m), lambda <(2*(5.251234-1))/(4*5.251234-1)};

Does anybody know how to plot the function area which satisfies the above mentioned constraints?

Thank you very much in advance,


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