Question: Why is this so stupid ?!!

Why is this software so unintuitive ?!

It can't even plot a vectorfunction, and when i finally found out (wich took a looong time because there is no help to get out there) i discovered my need for having to plot 2 functions in 1 graph wich is impossible !!

This is a ridiculous piece of software that i wouldn't even use, even if i got money for it !

I have fought to make this work because i had 3 small assignments to do, and thought they would be nice to do in maple in order to learn it, and then i want to differentiate a function, and it only differentiates half of it ?!

And why was it so hard to put an image into this post ?!. Why have a button for pictures AND a button for upload, and then so far apart?

Even their website is so rediculous, that i had to find this forum through Google ?!

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