Question: Please help me creating a Maple 11 Library Archive (.mla file)!!!

Hi everybody,
i'm an italian student, i'd like to create a Maple Library Archive for Maple 11 (a .mla file) with the procedures i want but i don't know how to. Can anyone explain me?

(I want to create a .mla file with some procedures and then recall the library at the initialization of a new worksheet, so that i can use the procedures i defined)

For example, i would like to create a .mla archive with the 2 following procedures:

indet_parameter := proc(expr)
local Ds, inds,i:
inds := indets(expr):
Ds := []:
for i from 1 to nops(inds) do:
if StringTools[Search]("D",convert(inds[i],string)) <>0
Ds := [op(Ds),inds[i]]:
end if
end do:
end proc: 

indet_parameters := proc(expr)
description "Search for indeterminate parameters 'D' and 'B'",
"Return two list of parameters 'Ds' and 'Bs'";
local Ds,Bs, inds,i:
inds := indets(expr):
Ds := []: Bs := []:
for i from 1 to nops(inds) do:
if (type(inds[i],symbol) )then
if StringTools[Search]("D",convert(inds[i],string)) <> 0 then
Ds := [op(Ds),inds[i]]:
end if;
if StringTools[Search]("B",convert(inds[i],string)) <> 0 then
Bs := [op(Bs),inds[i]]:
end if;
end if;
end do:
end proc:

and then recall the archive at the beginning of a new worksheet writing:

libname:=libname, "Z:/Documents/NewArchive":  

so that i can now use the commands:

indet_parameter(.....)              and               indet_parameters(.....)  

in a new worksheet to obtain the result i need.
Thanks everybody for help!!!

Have a nice day


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