Question: How do I export to latex/pdf

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I'm using Maple 15 with Suse Linux 11.4

Export to latex produces a tex file which, when conveted by pdflatex contains all sorts of errors. The page margins are very large, parts are missing, the title appears alone on a page, lists of equations don't have line breaks so, for a long list you find just the central part going from edge to edge of the page.

I gave up using "Export to latex" on earlier versions. I had thought that Maple 15 might be better, but it seems worse.

To produce a decent conversion I write a new tex file with emacs, use the Maple "latex" command to convert the equations, then copy the results across. Graphs can be exported as encapsulated postscript: I then use "epstopdf" to convert them to pdf graphics. One can also copy the text across, then edit it.

Export as pdf works but does not produce very elegant output. One problem is that in Maple the computer screen is landscape but the pdf output is usually portrait. Another is that the pdf fonts are too large. I first change to a different  style set, with much smaller fonts, but this is not entirely satisfactory; for example superscripts aren't properly placed. A praticular irritation is that graphs and figures are much too large, and have to be reduced by dragging the corners in the worksheet before conversion.

If some-one at Waterloo knows how to resolve these issues, perhaps they could be persuaded to provide some comprehensive documentation.

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