Question: Double pipe condenser design for multi-component

I need help with my design project. My project is about purification of americium from stock pile plutonium. I need you help in desgning a double pipe horizontal condenser with a special E-shell (3nozzles): 1:1 countercurrent.

Waste gases from two furnaces are run through a condenser to reduce the amount of water that enters the NOx abatement stage. The non-condensables and a small amount of water that remains in the vapour are in the vapour are then passed onto the Nox abatement. The water that is condensed can simply be discharged as it will contain minimal contaminant.

The condenser is very near to the end of the ventilation system on the plant. The only thing beween the outlet of the condenser and the ventilation fan will be a HEPA filter. The fan will typically pull a vacum of bout 35 mbar and a HEPA filter will have a pressure drop of abot 25 mbar. So the exit on the condenser will be at -10 mbar g. Given the remaining 10 mbar will have to drive the whole ventilation system right back to the dissolver. It is assumed in this case that the pressure drop should not be less than 5 mbar. 


The waste gases from the two furnaces goint into the condenser comprises of H2O, NO2, O2, N2, H2, N2O and Argon. The coolant used will be water. The gases are goinf into the condenser at 600 C and cooled to 20 C. The water can be assumed to be going in at 5 C to between 30 and 40 C. The heat transfer rate is expected to be very low which is the reason for using this type of condenser. The mass flow rate for the waste gases from both furnaces is a s low as 0.00015344 kg/s while that of water is 0.007961 kg/s.

This is a nuclear plant.


can anyone help me with this calculation for this design as i am confused as i have tried and nothing good is coming up.



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