Question: Discrepancy between GUI and Command line version numerical integration


I'm trying to evaluate an integral numerically on a unix system with the command line version of maple (version 16). For some entered parameters the integral evaluates quickly but for others it never seems to be able to complete the computation.

Moreover, when running the files, which are .mpl files, via the GUI all integrals are evaluated with ease.

So far I have been unable to find why some integrals and not others are evaluated when submitted via the command line version.

I have attached two test files, each one line long, with a prototypical integration. File int41f.mpl does NOT (for me at least) evaluate quickly via the command line version. File int41g.mpl runs quickly.

Both files (for me at least) run in about the same time and with (as far as I can tell) the same amount of memory used.

Sorry if this is previously asked question, I could not find anything on the subject.

Thanks for any help,



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