Question: Can't make Answer to "Nonlinearfit problem"

I cannot make an Answer or Reply to the Recent Question "Nonlinearfit problem". When I click "Submit", I get the message "Sorry, something went wrong." I am able to make Answers, even the first Answer, to other Questions.

Also, I cannot make a Comment to the Post "Updates to MaplePrimes" even though I can make Comments to other posts. The same thing happens: "Sorry, something went wrong."

And here is my Answer, in case that Asker sees it here:

Title: numapprox[minimax]

CurveFitting:-RationalInterpolation works in exact arithmetic and returns (or tries to return) a rational function that interpolates the data exactly. You have 100 points at Digits=40, so that's a quite a lot of exact computation. I think that you want a rational approximation, not an interpolation. Can you generate the function value at any real value x such that 1 < x < 100? Then you can use numapprox[minimax].


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