Question: How to make silent of the unnecessary output lines after evaluation

I want to get rid of the unnecessary output lines after the evaluation of the following ocde


restart; with(linalg);
a := 2; b := .29; d := 1.85;
for h from .5 by .1 to 1 do
eq1 := x*(-b*x^2-x+1);
eq2 := y*((a*x*x)/(b*y^2)-d-h*y);
S := solve({eq1, eq2}, {x, y});
SS := solve(subs(S[3], {omega^4+(h*y+x)*omega^2+h^2*x-y}), {omega});
tau := simplify(subs(S[3], subs(SS[3], (b^2*h*y+a*x)/omega)))
end do


I want only the sequence of tau inline format. I don't want to see eq1, eq2, S, SS etc lines in my evaluation output, rather I want to make then inactive. I have tried with : but it does not work here. How to solve the problem. 

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