Question: MS SQL - Maple ExecuteQuery - why so slow?


I have encountered a bizarre problem while trying to collect data from SQL table. Command

c:-ExecuteQuery(" SELECT QUERY HERE", 'output' = 'Array')

takes quite long time to execute. The data that I am trying to collect is not a big array (like 100x100). I have these felling that Maple cannot collect whole table at once. Command:

c:-ExecuteQuery("SELECT QUERY HERE", 'output' = 'result')

is immediate so it is not a problem of slow connection to the database. I am not MS SQL expert but it looks that Maple (to present data as an Array) is connecting to database, collecting 1 row, connecting, moving cursor, collecting next row and so on. If I am right, is there any way to collect whole query output at once?  I would be grateful for any help. It is very strange that query in MS SQL has execution time below one second while to collect the same data in Maple it takes 40 seconds.

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