Question: Orthonormality issue with bras and kets in physics package


I want to report a strange behaviour when working with bras and kets from the physics package. Working in a discrete basis, Ket(Phi,m) and Ket(Phi,n) should be orthogonal as long as m neq n. At least this is said so in the Physics-Example document.

However when I enter Bra(Phi,0).Ket(Phi,4) Maple returns 1! Just with 4 - all other integer values n > 1 give zero, as it should be! Maybe I am completely misunderstanding something here or this result is simply wrong. I get the same answer even if I set a bracketrule like this: Setup(Bra(Phi,n).Ket(Phi,m) = KroneckerDelta[m,n]);

Thanks a lot for your help!

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