Question: types in the Physics package

In the Physics package (in Physics:-Vectors, to be more precise), 3-vectors are advantageously represented as


with the _i etc. being the unit vectors. I would like to be able to plot these on occasion, either as individual vectors or the line connecting the end points. I can use Component to get at the individual numbers and get this done, but I would like to overload the plot command to do this in a more natural fashion.

By poking around I found that there is a type PhysicsVectors that seems to apply to these 3-vectors. My question is: Is this a reliable type for this purpose? Or does PhysicsVectors have a broader definition. There seems to be no way to really find out (TypeTools does not know about these).

Thanks in advance,

Mac Dude

PS: I did this with Maple 15.

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