Question: How do I plot this expression?

I would like to plot the following expression that I call W

>W:=tau*exp(C4)/C1-exp(C4)*(exp(C3-C3*eta)/C3^2-exp(C3)/C3^2+tau/C1+eta/C3)+exp(C4-C3*eta/2)*Sum(16*beta[m]*sin(beta[m]*eta/2)*exp(-(beta[m]*beta[m]+C3^2)*tau/(4*C1))/((beta[m]*beta[m]+C3^2)*( beta[m]*beta[m]-C3^2)^2),m=1..n)

Where C1, C3, C4 are constant, and  beta[m]satisfies the relationship  

C3*sin (beta/2) =beta*cos (beta/2)

I want to plot the W-eta curve and W-tau curve (eta at [0, 1], tau at [0, infinity)). How to do this?

I am really interested in getting it but I am completely stuck. Please help me in anyway you can.

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