Question: having trouble solving a ODE system

I am having trouble getting an algebraic solution for a first order four-ODE system. The problem seems trivial to me. However, Maple is taking a very long time to solve it. The system describes a reversible "chemical" reaction that have 4 states. Basically, the system is


where the rate constants are ai towards the right and bi towards the left.

Any suggestion will do.


Here is the code:

dC1 := diff(C1(t), t) = -a1*C1(t)+b1*C2(t);
dC2 := diff(C2(t), t) = a1*C1(t)-(b1+a2)*C2(t)+b2*C3(t);
dC3 := diff(C3(t), t) = a2*C2(t)-(b2+a3)*C3(t)+b3*O1(t);
dO1 := diff(O1(t), t) = a3*C3(t)-b3*O1(t);
syst := dC1, dC2, dC3, dO1;
ics := C1(0) = 1.0, C2(0) = 0., C3(0) = 0., C1(t)+C2(t)+C3(t)+O1(t) = 1.0;
funct := [C1(t), C2(t), C3(t), O1(t)];
sol := dsolve([syst, ics], funct);

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