Question: Simplification of tensors with dummy indices


I am using Maple Physics for symbolic tensor computations. However, I fail to simplify quite a simple expression.

Consider the following code:


    Setup(spacetimeindices = lowercaselatin):


    read "example2.txt"; 


Here is a file with expression: example2.txt.

The expression in the example2.txt is equal to zero. The following steps allow to obtain this result: expand, contract Kronecker deltas and metric tensors and collect similar terms. This also can be verified using another software (Cadabra, Mathematica xAct, etc.). As one can see, the result of Maple Simplify(%) contains terms like -462661905780*F[k]*F[~k] - 5856479820*F[m]*F[~m] which can be futher simplified, but Maple does not do this (even when I invoke Simplify(%) several times).

What is the right sequence of manipulations needed to obtain zero?

I use the latest Physics package (39.2, updated on November 30).



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