Question: Solving ODE's system and couldnt get any result.

Hello everyone, 

I have a problem solving with ODE's system solving. I have 2 equation and 4 initial  conditions. When i calculate like that,u can look this file. It is working it is giving me T1 and T2 equations depends on time. 


 In 2. system which i have a problem i want to calculate this equations depends on x(displacement). I have again 2 equation and 4 boundry conditions. it is solving the ODE'S system without boundry conditions. (It is giving with C1 C2 C3 and I)Problem is when i want to find its values with boundry conditions it is not giving a result. Is there a problem with complex number(I) or boundry conditions are not enough?   


> evalf(dsolve({sys}));

{X1s(x) = -3.060206320 + _C1 exp(-0.3487988669 x)

+ _C2 exp(0.3487988669 x) + _C3 exp(-0.3563227426 I x), X2s(x) =

-0.6321326989 _C1 exp(-0.3487988669 x)

+ 0.6321326989 _C2 exp(0.3487988669 x)

- 0.6053448484 I _C3 exp(-0.3563227426 I x)}

When i write like that, nothing is happening. I also upload the files. If u can help , i would be really appreciate. 

eq2 := dsolve({A, B, bc}, [X1s(x), X2s(x)])




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