Question: What things are needed to display Maplets on the web using MapleNet

I love programming in Maple and I am interested in using MapleNet to display Maplets I have created. However, I am a novice in software and web technology. My questions, do I only need creating Maple worksheets, establishing interfaces and uploading the worksheets at an appropriate server in order to be able using MapleNet without any additional software? Can MapleNet display both GUI-based and command-driven-based Maplets on the web? Btw, I already read and downloaded "5 Developing Worksheets for MapleNet" but I do not fully understand its contents due to technical terms used in it.
I noticed that the following website: offers web services commercially. Does this website
have any relationship with MapleNet from Maplesoft or one of the most appropriate servers to upload and play our worksheets with MapleNet?

Thanks in advance for any helpful reply.



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