Question: Presentation of calculations made with a classic worksheet thanks to slideshow or document mode


I have a quite long document (around 200 equations + comments).

I need to share my document with collegues.

However, they don't have maple et moreover i would like only to give them my work in a paper format and in a synthetic way. Indeed, they only need to see the main steps of my calculation.

Consequently, i need to make a synthetic presentation of the work i have done on a classic maple worksheet.

For that purpose, i believe that i have 2 ways to do.

1) Create a slideshow. However, i find the mode not very complete in Maple ? Indeed, for the moment, when i have a big section, i didn't manage to scroll on it so as to read the whole section.

2) create a document mode and emphasize only the main equations. 


1) What is the best solution for you so as to make a presentation of a work made with classic worksheet?

2) Is it possible to transform a worksheet in a document mode? and if yes, how?

3) Have you some ideas to compact the calculation (or emphasize only the main steps) ?

Thank you for your help

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