Question: maple 2015 no longer auto-scroll as computation is running in notebook

I run the same notebook in Maple 2015 that I used to run in Maple 18.02.

I noticed that it no longer auto-scroll when the print messages reached the bottom of the window as it did with Maple 18.02. This means, I can't see which line the computation is at at the moment, since I can't see the last line printed (it is not visible), without me having to manually use the vertical slider to scroll down trying to catch up with it. But it is hard to do this all the time.  It starts to scroll ok until the last printed message reached the bottom of the window, but then it stops.

This is very annoying, becuase I'd like to see the messages as it is running, so I know which equation is being solved when I look at the screen.  The messages are like this, with some print message I put in the loop

memory used=0.53MiB, alloc change=0 bytes, cpu time=16.00ms, real time=7.00ms, gc time=0ns
*** loop counter 100

Is there an option one has to configure to make the screen scoll with the output? I looked but do not see one now.

I do not remember having to do anything in Maple 18.02. It seems natural that it should scroll down as messages are being displayed. This is how all apps work.  

I am using Maple 2015, windows 7, 64 bit OS and 64 bit Maple. Using Worksheet, was created in Maple 18.02. Other than this, everything else works ok so far.

Standard Worksheet Interface, Maple 2015.0, Windows 7, February 17 2015 Build ID 1022128

thank you

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