Question: Differential operator adds space

Hi. I have this strange error.

Whenever I type D(f)(x) into the maple prompt, the program adds a whitespace between D(f) and (x), so I get the wrong output. I have to go back and delete the space manually. Here is a picture.

I type 'D(f)(x)'  and the software displays 'D(f) (x) ' in the prompt, with the extra space.

I am using maple 2015 if that helps, but I think I had the same error with Maple 18

I did not add a space. I literally just entered f:=x->x^2 -3*x + 2; D(f)(x)

but the computer adds a space as I type D(f)(x).

Also I'm not sure why the space ruins the expression

What i am supposed to get is  ' 2x - 3 '

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