Question: Does the principal value of this integral exist?

I want to make sense of the expression

Int(t^2/ln(t)*exp(-t), t=0..infinity);

The denominator vanishes at t=1.  The singularity at t=1 is not integrable.  I want to see whether the integral is defined in the sense of Cauchy principal value.  Thus, I let

K := Int(t^2/ln(t)*exp(-t), t=0..1-a) + Int(t^2/ln(t)*exp(-t), t=1+a..infinity);

and wish to see whether the following limit exists:

limit(K, a=0, right);

Maple cannot evaluate this.  Nor can I.  Alternatively, we may try:

series(K, a=0);


series(K, a=0) assuming a>0, a<1;

In both cases Maple says that it is unable to compute the series.

So my question is: Does the Cauchy principal value exist, and can Maple help one to determine that?


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