Question: Unwanted name replacements in CodeGeneration[Matlab]

Hi everybody, 
 My goal is to generate the Matlab code of some Maple function f(x, a, b, …).

The command
  CodeGeneration[Matlab](f, output=string) 
first produces the warning

Warning, the following variable name replacements  were made : a -> cg, b -> cg1, …

plus the desired code

freturn :=f(x, cg, cg1, …)

As you see here the names a, b, … are no longer arguments of f.

I  have searched in the help pages for CodeGeneration (but with no success at all),  a way to force the translation to conserve the original variable names (a, b, …).

First question : Did I missed the information ?
                            (in which case sorry for the inconvenience)
Second question
: If not, does it exist a way to “catch” the warning and thus keep the replacement rules CodeGeneration does ?

Thanks in advance

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