Question: Multi-Threading - Error, (in assuming) when calling 'Engine:-Process'. Received: 'type `System` does not exist'

HI there,


I have the following problem: I want to improve the runtime of my script (Maple 2016) and want to use multithreading/tasking.

First I have this script (let's start with an easy example):

  with(RealDomain): #I know, I don't need all of that here

>cdf := x-> int(PDF(GammaDistribution(4.5/100,2.5),xi-0.068),xi=0.068..x):
>N:= 20:
>sample := (i) -> solve( (1/(2*(N+1))+1/(N+1)*i)=cdf(x),x): #this is an equidistant sampling

> smpl := [Seq(sample(i),i=1..(N-1))]; #I try to run a multithread seq -> got it from the documentation

   Error, (in assuming) when calling 'Engine:-Process'. Received: 'type `System` does not exist'

I get this error message, but I don't really know what to do with it. I googled and searched, but I couldn't find useful help. Note that when I run this command, I still use only one processor (at least until it returns the error). I also tried:

>smpl := Map(sample,sample_dists);>N:= 20:
   Error, (in assuming) when calling 'Engine:-Process'. Received: 'type `System` does not exist'

I also tried to implement it with threads:

> cont := proc()
      global mutex_sample, smpl:
      smpl := [op(smpl), _passed]: #add the results of the tasks to the smpl var.
      print("Sampling Done");
   end proc:

> sample := proc(cdf, min, max, N) #samle the region
      local output:
      seq(solve(,x),i=0..(N-1)); #return value
   end proc:

> startSampling := proc()
      local sampling_tasks,i:

      print("Starting Sampling!");
      sampling_tasks := []:
      for i from 1 to kernelopts(numcpus) do #for each processor
          sampling_tasks := [op(sampling_tasks), Task=[sample, cdf, i/(kernelopts(numcpus)+1),(i+1)/(kernelopts(numcpus)+1),ceil(N/kernelopts(numcpus))]]; #sample a region
      end do:

      print("Starting Sampling Tasks!");
      Threads:-Task:-Continue( cont, op(sampling_tasks)); #start sampling threads
      print("Sampling Tasks started!");
   end proc:

> Threads:-Task:-Start( startSampling ); #start everything

"Starting Sampling!"
"Starting Sampling Tasks!"
"Sampling Tasks started!"
Error, (in assuming) when calling 'Engine:-Process'. Received: 'type `System` does not exist'

 I know I'm doing here something systematically wrong, but I can't figure it out.

I would be very greatful, for your help or insiged.  


1) The presented script might doesn't make sense (or might be pointless), because I have a much larger and more complex (model) in my original script. But, my script didn't work (exactly same error). So, I tried this simple example, to figure out what the problem is. But it didn't work either. I thought, it might be better (didactically) to find the problem in the simple code. It might be easier to explain in a forum and easier to analyse. (SO I could then see why my more complex code is not working).

2) I was running the script in Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 x64) and it produced this error. I also run the script in Windows 10.2 where I got the same error (and sometimes I got an "Maple Kernel cannot be reached" message where I had to restart Maple.

3) I noticed that solve sometimes returns a complex solution (usually it returned: "value + 0.0 I"). I therefore added "with(RealDomain): ", which had the consequence that some sample points were "NULL". I know that, and that is another issue, which I'm not bothered about (right now).

SOLUTION: (most likely)
Thanks to everyone who replied. But Carl_Love probably is right by pointing out that int, solve, fsolve ... are not thread-safe and therefore caused the crahses/error messages, while calling thesefunctions in different threads.

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