Question: Where could I find the code of a maplet ?

Hello everybody,

I develop a simulator of dynamical systems governed by ODE systems.
Thanks to intensive upstream testing I have already identified some "methods" that work well on some classes of systems and poorly for some others (here "method" is intented in the sense of dsolve(..., numeric, method=...)), but it is rather difficult to know in advance if method A will perform well or not, or if method B could be better ...
This is very classical.

On the other side, people this simulator is designed for, do not want to use directly MAPLE to  choose a method among all those it proposes,nor to adjust the many parameters some methods can have

The idea I have in mind is to facilitate their choice by developing a specific Maplet. This Maplet could take as a model the pane dsolve[interactive]() opens when you select the numerical solving strategy.
As far as possible I would like to customize this pane for it be closer to our own needs (specific options sholud be proposed as well as personal help pages)

So my questions:

1/  Is the corresponding code avaliable (I failed to find it while using showstat) ?
1'/ Incidentally, even if this simulator is designed for internal purposes alone, is there some kind of copyright or usage limitations of the code above ?
2/ Is it possible to obtain the list of all the avaliable methods (euler, rk4, gear, ...) without without constructing it manually ?
3/ Once a method is choosen, is it possible to obtain the list of all its options (here again without without constructing it manually) ?

Maybe a quite unusual request on this site but I would greatly appreciate any answer

Thanks in advance

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