Question: How to force simplification of this ODE solution?

So I encountered a Chini differential equation which is solvable in terms of an implicit function

restart; assume(nu > 2, beta > 0, lambda > 0, delta > 0, y >= 0);
simplify(dsolve(beta+y+(D(h))(y) = nu*((lambda+beta+y)^2-delta*h(y))^(1/2)));

The answer is really too ugly to be pasted here, but I do get a
RootOf [ linear + log(linear) + delta* some integral + 2 * the very same integral]

It took me a quarter of an hour to deciphre that the integrals are the same and that I could get it all down to (delta+2)*integral. Because Maple did not simplify it. 

But if I copy what is inside the RootOf(), and paste it into a simplify() - then it does! So how to force it into doing that in the first place? 


Still novice, yes ... 

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