Question: combining the FOR and IF command


this is my first post here so sorry if it's done wrong...

I'm having difficulties with the following command because maple only returns a solution if the first two boundary conditions of the "if" arguments are true. If the the first or the second condition is false then maple doesn't give a solution solution.

for i to n do if H[i] < 2.7 then if A[i, f] < 12 then if A[i, o] < 1.2 then Q[i, foo] := evalf(610*(A[i, o]*sqrt(H[i])*h[k]*A[i, T])^(1/2)) else Q[i, foo] := evalf(7.8*A[i, t]+378*A[i, o]*sqrt(H[i])) end if end if end if; print(Q[i, foo]); end do;

I've also tried with the elif command but it gives a similar problem

Anyone knows how to solve this?

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