Question: I am having trouble with "solve" for an exponential equation

I am trying to solve the equation

exp(2*sin(t))-1=0, over the interval 0 <= t <=  16

I tried entering this into Maple:

solve({exp(2*sin(t))-1=0, 0 <= t,t <= 16}, AllSolutions, Explicit)

When I enter it, Maple just says "Evaluating"... and then returns nothing.

I tried "solve" without AllSolutions/Explicit, and even fsolve.

Then Maple only gives me the trivial result t = 0.

Is there a way to approximate the roots, like a root solver.

Ideally I would like to get the exact roots over the interval [0,16].

Wolfram has no problem solving this exactly.*sin(t))-1%3D0,+0+%3C%3D+t,t+%3C%3D+16%5D,+AllSolutions,+Explicit)

I posted the worksheet

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