Question: How to substitute this transformation in the given pde(removing conjugate symbols and absolute value)

assume(k::real, x::real, omega::real, t::real, theta::real, c::real);
tr0 := c*(t*upsilon+x) = xi;
tr1 := I*(k*x+omega*t+theta);
tr2 := phi(lhs(tr0))*exp(tr1);
PDE := proc (u) options operator, arrow; I*(diff(u, t))+diff(u, x, x)-I*sigma*u*(conjugate(u)*(diff(u, x))-u*(diff(conjugate(u), x))) end proc;
Eq1 := PDE(tr2);
Eq2 := simplify(convert(expand(subs(tr0, Eq1)), diff));

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