Question: To solve partial differential equation with numerical method.

Hello everyone!

Please help me to resolve following error appeared in PDEs.

I have following system of partial differential equation and tried to solve with numerical method

pde1:=diff(U, t)-(diff(U, x, x))-2*U*(diff(U, x))+diff(U*V, x)

> pde2 := diff(V, t)-(diff(V, x, x))-2*V*(diff(V, x))+diff(U*V, x);
> ics := { U(x, 0) = sin(x),  V(x, 0) = sin(x)};

sol:=pdsolve(pde1,pde2,ics,numeric,time=t, range=1..20)

I am get following error

Error, (in pdsolve) invalid input: `pdsolve/numeric` expects its 2nd argument, IBCs, to be of type {set, list}, but received 0

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